Gottcha - as in we've got your back like a tail wind, like a hand up, like gentle encouragement on a tough day.

Gottcha is all about giving back, locals supporting locals. 

Here's how it works, you take advantage of one of the exciting deals we've got on offer by purchasing a voucher and we channel the money you spend back into the community.

From every sale we make the profits go straight to community groups. So each month a new group will be handed a cheque - its that simple.

Anyone who has ever been involved in community groups or charity organisations knows all too well how hard it can be raising funds and how exhausting the relentless push to pay the way can be.

We at Gottcha applaud the work you do and we want to help. Let us take the hard work out of it. Enjoy our deals and feel good about doing it - it doesn't get any better than that.   

Help us make the world we live in a little better by helping out the great locals that make a difference in our town!

If you are a business that wants to join us to make the world a better place please contact us and we would love to chat and make a deal!


This is Gottcha

Thank you for visiting our brand new shop. We're really excited about getting our business online and we will be adding new products and content all the time. Be sure to come back and check out what else we have on offer or drop us an email if you want to keep updated. From the team at Gottcha!