The Gottcha Story

Anyone who has ever been involved in community groups or charity organisations knows all too well how hard it can be raising funds and how exhausting the relentless push to pay the way can be.

I have been involved in a lot of charity groups and community groups and know how hard it is to keep raising funds to keep doing what you do in our community. So then one day I thought why can’t we work together and offer the same services as other corporate companies of coupons on local deals. As far as I know they take 20-25% off the suppliers deal to keep for themselves and give nothing back.

Gottcha is all about giving back – locals supporting locals.
Why can’t we work together to make exciting deals, market the offer, locals purchase a voucher and we take just 15% and channel the money back into the community.

Gottcha – as in we’ve got your back like a tail wind, like a hand up, like gentle encouragement on a tough day.

Gottcha is all about giving back, locals supporting locals.

Founder: Michelle Hunt
(Photo: Braden Fastier, Nelson Mail)

Why join Gottcha?

  • We won’t insist that you offer at least 50% discount but would be great
  • Public perception will be different of why you are providing a voucher, they will see it as you are wanting to help a local charity
  • You get to be the GOOD guy in your customers eyes & in your community
  • You can promote that you support your community and can back it up!
  • You get to help hard working local community organisations in your town without having to hand any cash over
  • Grow your business
  • Raise your profile (as a good guy too)
  • Launch a new product or create business at a quiet time of the day or month
  • No money up front for advertising/ marketing costs
  • You will know if it is working as you will know how many customers you got through the deal
  • New customers to add to your mailing list
  • We provide support and promote you through Facebook, website & Instagram.

Marketing of your Deal

  • Your deal will be placed onto our website this is where the deal will be purchased from
  • Facebook
  • Will be emailed out daily to our members that have subscribed to our mailing list
  • The monthly Community Group that will be receiving the profits for that month will be emailing out the deal to their database of contacts
  • The Hits radio ads
  • Your website/Facebook pages will be promoted on the Gottcha website and Facebook, and details will also appear on the voucher.

Help out the Locals that make a difference in our town.

If your business would like to make our world a better place, sign-up as a Vendor.